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Pandemia Covid-19: O cenário brasileiro do HF

A pandemia global do coronavírus (covid-19) está desafiando a cadeia de suprimentos de alimentos de todo o mundo. No Brasil, o decreto do Ministério da Agricultura, de 26 de março – que estabeleceu a cadeia do agronegócio como essencial, permitindo que os serviços de abastecimento se mantivessem abertos durante a quarentena, garantiu que o setor …

gestão financeira hortify


Financial management allows the correct administration of financial resources, which makes it possible to strengthen the organization and consequently provides its growth and the possibility of making new investments. Brazil stands out on the world stage in the sphere of agribusiness, as it is one of the largest producers and exporters of food in the world. In the country's

mão de obra


Currently in agricultural production systems, where the farmer has become the entrepreneur of his property, production management is essential to make assertive decisions and guarantee good results. The administration or management of inputs within the property aims to maximize the use of these (financial, material and human),

Vegetais com aplicativo de celular hortify apresentando QRCode para uso em alimentos e produtos, atendendo a rastreabilidade alimentar


The concern with food security and the consumer demand to know the origin of food products and their processing systems led to the approval of Joint Normative Instruction No. 2. The normative was approved in February 2018 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and will come into effect gradually over…

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