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Hortify is a horticulture specialized startup that seeks, throught technology, making the business management easier for farmers and partners, always seeking good quality of the products and also the planet and costumers.

Hortify solution was idealized by Jucenir Zanatta, an entrepreneur who acts at this segment for more than 30 years, and, in a partnership with 2 technology professionals, who has great long experience and the same goals, made this project real. Hortify has already more than 1300 users spread all over the country, making use and getting all the benefits of the production, labor, production, and financial management, and also the food traceability. We are one in the few Brazilian startups in this area, segments selected to join the Web Summit event, one of the greatest innovation and entreprenership events in the world.


Imagem do aplicativo hortify, dois celulares e ao fundo uma estufa com plantio de flores.

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